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International Food Standard

The International Food Standard was developed to ensure the safety of its “own” brand in the products it sells. The IFS helps to comply with all legal safety requirements and gives common and transparent rules for all affected providers, as well as a specific and strong response to the high security expectations of the consumer. IFS covers common standards of audits worldwide accepted in order to continuously improve the safety of consumers.


The BRC is an association that represents the interests of retail stores. Its requirements must be met by the industry. They are a series of technical norms on food safety that must be complied with starting at the production level of food all the way to its sale to the final consumer.
These rules have been accepted worldwide. They are based on the use of HACCP and are the standards set by the ISO.

ISO 9001

certificado iso 9001 2008 año 2011The ISO 9001:2008 developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specifies the requirements for a management system (QMS) that can be used for internal application by organizations, regardless of whether the product or service is provided by a public organization or private enterprise, whatever its size, for certification or contractual purposes.