What does a color taste like?

What does a color taste like? This is the question that we launched in the new campaign of De Alberto Wineries. After the birth of Finca Valdemoya Pale Pink, We wanted to invite all our followers to discover the sensations behind a wine. of this wine.

can we really attribute flavors and textures to a hue? There is nothing more emotional than the memories generated by the association of tastes, textures, aromas... And we have finally brought it all together in a wine.

The attribution of a flavor to a color or another sense is not new. In fact, it is a field that is worked scientifically and is known as synesthesia. The brain is complex and causes sensations to mix and come together in our mind, in such a way that when we observe a food we experience sensations that go beyond taste.

In addition, color is decisive when building a mental image of a food or drink. In fact, it is easy to sum it up if we think of candies or sweets. The green color is associated with a sour taste, red with sweet, and light with lemon.

discover the new Pale Rosé from Bodegas de Alberto. A trip to freshness, to friendship, to the sea... A refreshing, subtle and elegant wine awaits you.

Enjoy with family and friends in the scheduled visits to Bodegas De Alberto.

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