Bodegas De Alberto reveals the secret of “Pálido”

The historic Pálido wine returns to the D.O. Rueda

Bodegas De Alberto presents “De Alberto Pálido”

A historical elaboration recovered under the DO Rueda seal after 11 years of absence

The Rueda Denomination of Origin, founded in 1980, presented in October 2019 a new List of Conditions in which it looked back at its origins, once again recognizing the Pálido category, biological aging.

Together with the Dorado, of oxidative aging, they make up the traditional wines of the area and whose history dates back to the 14th century. Pálido wine disappeared as a category with the 2008 Regulation, but Bodegas De Alberto never abandoned its production.

Located in Serrada in the old winery of the Dominican monks, dated in 1657, the Gutiérrez family thus continues its custody of the intangible heritage that these wines and their tradition represent.

Thus, it is committed to bringing wine lovers closer to the special elaborations that rescue and maintain the most genuine tradition of the area of ​​biological aging ‘under veil of flower’.

“Only a few barrels withstood the test of time,” says Carmen San Martín Gutiérrez, CEO of Bodegas De Alberto. “At last we can once again count within the DO Rueda seal with the traditional De Alberto Pálido, a very unique elaboration under a veil of flower that represents the reason for being of our Winery”.

This flower is the yeasts of the biological aging of fortified wines, which form a layer or veil over them and transform them, providing them with unique characteristics.

Almond and bakery aromas, subtle notes of wood, vanilla and dried fruits characterize De Alberto Pálido, which has been biologically aged under a veil of flower for more than three years in barrels. In the background, the Verdejo grape does not abandon us, but is great, providing freshness and structure to this dry wine, delicate and light on the palate, with salty touches.

“For the family, both De Alberto Pálido and De Alberto Dorado are the wines of our grandparents”.

“The most genuine part of our history, and witnessing how they find their place again and have relevance in the current landscape is very exciting.” Explains Carmen, who recognizes that fortified wines and unique elaborations are awakening great interest among the most demanding consumers.

In its elaboration, Bodegas De Alberto faithfully maintains the traditional method that was practiced in the area, and that was later collected by the DO Rueda in its first regulation: starting with a base wine headed with wine alcohol up to a minimum of 14 degrees and, later, Pass it to barrels for biological aging under a flower veil where it remains for a minimum of three years.

With an exclusive production of 1,400 bottles and a careful presentation, De Alberto Pálido reappears as a well-kept secret for more than a decade. Thus, it aspires to surprise fans of fortified wines and seekers of special elaborations.


Los generous De Alberto, a benchmark in the DO Rueda

De Alberto Pálido belongs to the Premium range of fortified wines from Bodegas de Alberto, of which the greatest exponent to date is De Alberto Dorado.

This wine accumulates a very important list of awards and recognitions that are difficult to match, such as, among others, the two consecutive Platinum Medals in Decanter, reaching 97 points, the Great Gold Medal in the Brussels World Contest, the Great Bacchus of Gold, the Great Gold Medal in VINESPAÑA, the 95 Peñín Guide Points or the 91 Parker Wine Advocate Points.

With a very long tradition in this category of wines that goes back to the elaborations of the Dominican monks in their underground galleries, Bodegas Hijos De Alberto Gutiérrez can be considered as the benchmark in the elaboration of this type of wines in the Rueda Denomination of Origin in the actuality.

The wine that will soon complete the range will be De Alberto Dorado Dulce, also 100% Verdejo and DO Rueda, which will also be presented in 2021.

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