Bodegas De Alberto celebrates the European Wine Tourism Day with an special tribute tour to De Alberto Dorado

The winery will offer its premium visit that will include the tasting of the branch of the Alberto Dorado and a gastronomic tasting next Saturday, November 10

Serrada (Valladolid), November 5, 2018. Bodegas De Alberto will celebrate the European Wine Tourism Day with a special visit dedicated to the historic wine ‘De Alberto Dorado’ next Saturday, November 10 at 11.30 in the morning.
Under the name ‘All You Need is Gold’, the visit will unveil the process of creating the most unique wine of Bodegas De Alberto: the Alberto Dorado, through a premium guided tour that will include the tasting of this wine in two phases of its elaboration process, directly from the demijohn and from the barrel.
This year Bodegas Hijos De Alberto Gutiérrez joins the celebrations of the European Wine Tourism Day (November 11), which will take place throughout this week in the different wine-growing countries of Europe linked to the REVECIN network, with an exclusive activity to enjoy in couple, family or friends of their most special wines and local gastronomy, through a tour where the secrets of the elaboration of a historical wine of the DO Rueda will be unveiled.
The guided tour ‘All You Need is Gold’ will include, in addition to the tour of the underground cellar of the seventeenth century excavated by the Order of the Dominicans, a special itinerary through the process of making the wine of Alberto Dorado, with a visit to the beach of Damajuanas and the rooms of barrels and solera.
To end the visit, a final tasting of four more wines will be included: De Alberto Ecológico 100% Verdejo, De Alberto Tinto Ecológico, Finca Valdemoya Frizzante and De Alberto Dorado, accompanied by a special tasting of a selection of local artisan cheeses and sausages Land of Taste
The visit will be offered for Saturday November 10, with a price of € 15 per person and limited places. It is necessary to make a reservation by phone or e-mail: 983 559 107 /

Chicken croquettes and ‘ golden ‘ apple

There is a new installment of the ‘ gourmetmanía ‘ . Today, we ‘re going to cook an easy starter and that will not leave indifferent any guest.

Chicken croquettes and ‘ golden ‘ apple

The amounts are intended to serve 6 servings . In 20 minutes you will have prepared the mixture and in 10can enjoy it! Shall we begin?

Croquetas Doradas


150g chicken breast
1/2 onion
1 block
Pedro Ximenez 10cl
1 tablespoon sugar (large)
4 tablespoons flour (large )
Pint of milk
1 egg
black pepper
Poppy seeds (optional )
Step 1

In a skillet with a tablespoon of oil fry the chicken begins to brown when they retire. Then pocharemos onion and apple for 5 minutes in a pan with a little oil. Add the tablespoon of sugar with a splash of wine ‘ De Alberto Dorado ‘ , after two minutes add the chicken and let it mix well for 2 minutes.

Step 2

It’s time to add the flour , stir it well and let it cook well for 2-3 minutes to prevent raw taste .
We ‘re pouring the milk slowly . Add the parsley , nutmeg and black pepper . We begin to remove the rods .
We continue stirring until a thick dough .

Step 3

Pour the dough onto a mold with plastic wrap (so that we are not sticking ) and let rest for 2-3 hours.

Step 4

Finally prepare a dish with the beaten egg and poppy seeds and one with breadcrumbs. We make the croquettes , the first pass through the egg and then the breadcrumbs . Fry them in a pan with oil (which cover half the kibble ) and when the withdraw begin to brown .
and Voilà ! You have a delicious entree but you care recommendation for cook : you want to eat away because …fly !