Discover the Rueda Wine Route with Bodegas DeAlberto

Organic markets, festivals, theatre, live musical performances, art exhibitions... The Rueda Wine Route It is a hive of activities that reaches one of its moments of ecstasy in summer, coinciding with the holidays and the return to the town of hundreds of inhabitants who decide to spend a few weeks in the municipalities through which the Route passes.

Altogether, the Rueda Wine Route encompasses 14 wineries, including Bodegas DeAlberto, located in the town of Serrada. Take advantage of these rest days to organize a visit with family and friends and discover the best kept secrets of the underground galleries of our wineries, learn about the history of wine and how the DO Rueda became the first to obtain this recognition in the Community of Castilla y León, after several years working for the protection of its autochthonous variety: the verdejo grape.

History has left an important patrimonial legacy on the Rueda Wine Route, so you can combine a visit to Serrada and its surroundings, enjoy the local gastronomy and shop at the winery to give away and celebrate your best moments.

What are the best dates to visit the winery

Any time of the year has its magic. Although some events stand out, such as the Harvest Festival of Rueda and Serrada, or the Verdejo Festival with its Sarmiento Awards, and Holy Week in Medina del Campo, declared of International Tourist Interest.

Guided tour hours

  • From Mondays to Sundays. It is essential to book an appointment by calling the phone +34 983 559 107 or by sending an e-mail to
  • Visit price: €8; for groups from 12 people €6 per person. Includes tasting of 5 wines.
  • Visit duration 1:30-2 hours
  • We can explain our entire winery and processes in Spanish and English.
  • In our store you can taste and buy our wines. You will also find sommelier articles and various gifts related to the world of wine.

About Bodegas DeAlberto

Las Bodegas De Alberto, located 25 km from Valladolid, are located in an old farmhouse, founded by the Dominican religious order In XVII century. The first written record of its existence is in the document granting the privilege of Villa to the municipality of Serrada by King Carlos II. At the beginning of the 19th century and as a consequence of the confiscation of Mendizábal, certain assets of the Church passed to individuals, and among them this Bodega. It was already in 1949 when Alberto Gutiérrez and his children constituted the current company, which currently maintains its character as a family business. Its underground galleries, large barrel vaults made of brick, are more than 1 km long. in length, constituting a true labyrinth that runs through the subsoil of Serrada. And on top of them rise the new warehouses for the production, aging and bottling of wine, with a capacity for 14 million liters. The area of our vineyards, belonging to the DO Rueda, are located in central Spain, crossed by the Duero River, and considered one of the best in the world in terms of wine production. A continuous effort in investment and research place this winery in a leading position with the most advanced technology for the production of high quality wines.

Serrated. Get to know the surroundings of Bodegas DeAlberto

The town of Serrada is located between four roads: Valladolid, Medina del Campo, Tordesillas and Olmedo. In its landscape you will discover soft vineyard extensions identified with its environment. The first data we have on Serrada date back to Visigothic times, according to some excavations carried out in which various objects corresponding to the first years of Visigothic occupation of the Peninsula appeared. It is in the Middle Ages when we begin to have news of the current town and from the 16th century onwards when the wine-producing predominance in the Villa becomes clear, for which reason the cultural heritage is closely related to the cultivation of the vineyard and the production of wine.

In the year 1697 Carlos II grants the Privilege of Villa to Serrada, for this reason the milestones in evolution are not given by notable events in the chronicles of the kingdom, but by facts as concrete, alive and attached to the ground as was the expansion of the vineyard. in term. Serrada is art: in recent years dozens of artists from all over the world have been depositing their sculptures and paintings on the streets and walls of the municipality. Serrada is an Open Air Museum, a place where old forms on the continent coexist with new forms in the contents, a space open to creative freedom: freedom for the artist and, above all, freedom for the observer.

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