DeAlberto Dorado

Bodegas de Alberto is currently the only traditional Rueda Dorado winemaker, under the exclusive method of oxidative aging in damajuanas exposed to the sun and later aging in soleras, preserving the mother of more than 70 years.

Traditional method that Gutiérrez family has maintained uninterrupted since the 40s and transmitted from generation to generation.

De Alberto Dorado


100% Verdejo from D.O. Rueda. Oxidative ageing in “damajuanas”, large bottle of 16 litres and aged in Sherry oak boots with the traditional method of “Soleras”


Bright golden colour with old gold trim. Intense and complex aromas with hints of nuts, lightly toasted. On the palate is long and expressive, hints of vanilla and raisin with a lingering nish.

Wine and food

Old Cheeses, poultry stew, anchovies, cod or foie.

Discover the authentic traditional Gold

A multitude of awards, including those who recognize this creation as one of the best wines in the region and the world.

premios mezquita

“Medalla de oro Premios Mezquita


Medalla de Gran Oro Bacchus 2019

“Medalla de Gran Oro Bacchus”


Bronce Sommelier Wine Awards

“Medalla de bronce Sommelier Wine Awards”


Medalla de plata premios Sakura

“Medalla de plata Sakura Awards”


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