Wines with denomination of origin in a privileged land

Bodegas De Alberto is one of the most striking examples of preservation of traditional wine production legacy. In the heart of Castilla y León and DO Rueda, Bodegas De Alberto is located in an old farmhouse founded by the Dominican Religious Order in the 17th century.

The old art of making wine has been maintained for more than 350 years, accumulating the know-how of several generations and incorporating, over time, the most modern production systems to satisfy customers distributed around the world.

Through the subterranean galleries and the large brick barrel vaults, which cover the subsoil of Serrada in more than a kilometer in length, we discover the winery Inhabited Memory, kept alive uninterruptedly for more than three centuries and in a last period, from 1941. Hijos de Alberto Gutiérrez family winery, in its fifth generation already, has looked after these cellars as an invaluable cultural treasure.

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Tierra de sabor

Guarantee mark whose purpose is to distinguish certain quality agri-food products produced, processed and r processed in Castilla y León. Our winery proudly shows this guarantee mark on some of our wines.

Alimentos de Valladolid

Our wines are part of the “Alimentos de Valladolid. To everyone’s taste ”. It brings together agri-food products from the province of Valladolid as a sign of geographical identity and quality mark.

International Food Standard

This standard has been developed to ensure the safety of the brand in the products they sell. It helps to comply with all the requirements of legal security and gives common and transparent rules for all affected suppliers, as well as a concrete and firm response to clients expectations of high security. It covers internationally accepted common auditing standards in order to continuously improve consumer safety.


It is an association that looks after the interests of retail trade. Their requirements must be met by the industry. They are a series of technical standards on food safety that must be fulfilled from the production of food to its sale to the final consumer. These Standards have been accepted worldwide. They are based on the use of HACCP and follow the standards set by ISO regulations.