Wine, festivals and tradition

First it was the square of wooden sticks, which after years lost in oblivion returned to its origins to host the bullfighting festivities of the town. Then came the turn of 'Running the Bun', a peculiar way of celebrating grandparents' festivity on May 10 and socializing with the elders of the municipality while tasting the local broths and buns baked in the old glories.

Months later the town council decided to recover another of the ancestral traditions of the municipality based on a tour of all the clubs where, in addition to enjoying lively gatherings, lemonade was tasted and now the clubs will be able to participate in the first baseball championship hand.

"We, from the City Council and from the area of culture, have tried to the extent of our possibilities to recover traditional activities so that the new generations could enjoy them," commented the mayor of the town, José Antonio Alonso Gago, who added that "this year, in addition to the traditional tastings of typical dishes from the area and the town, the clubs will be able to participate in a novel activity that we hope will be widely accepted.

The pelota mano championship for the peñas will start today at 11:00 am in the municipal pediment. In addition to this activity, the lemonade route in which many Serradeños participate each year will take place on Monday 25 at 6:00 p.m. As in previous editions, the tour will begin in the main square where the participants will direct their steps to the different stops. The lemonade entourage will be accompanied at all times by parades.

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