Bodegas De Alberto will once again pair wine and music during the grape harvest

The musical tastings of the Inhabited Memory and all you need is gold are included in the Vendimia 2023 special activities program of the Rueda Wine Route

Given the success of the 2022 experience, Bodegas De Alberto repeats this year the initiative of pairing wine and music during the harvest. Thus, throughout the month of September, the musical tastings of the Inhabited Memory and all yoy need is gold, included in the Vendimia 2023 special activities program of the Rueda Wine Route, will allow visitors to taste wines such as ecological De Alberto, Finca Valdemoya Rosado, De Alberto on Lías or De Alberto Dorado to the rhythm of the musical lists from which they each available on Spotify.

This wine tourism offer allows you to experience a unique journey through more than three centuries of winemaking legacy, from the underground cellars of the 17th century Dominican monastery. It proposes an exciting journey that reveals to the visitor the secrets of the elaboration of a historical and emblematic wine for the Denomination of Origin Rueda: De Alberto Dorado.

Subterranean galleries and large barrel vaults made of brick run through the Serrada subsoil for more than a kilometer, a section in which we discover the inhabited memory of the winery, alive for more than three centuries and which, in a last period, Since 1941, it has been preserved as a cultural treasure by Hijos de Alberto Gutiérrez, a winery family now in its fifth generation.

Bodegas De Alberto is one of the oldest in the Rueda Designation of Origin. Located in the old Monastery of San Pablo, located in the Valladolid municipality of Serrada, through the Inhabited Memory visit, it brings closer its long and rich history of more than 350 years and the process of making white, red and rosé wines, making emphasis on its most special and traditional wine: De Alberto Dorado, which is made in the traditional way; in demijohns in the sun, with an oxidative aging methodology and in solera in casks with mother wine over 80 years old, making the winery the only one in the DO Rueda that has maintained it uninterruptedly since its birth in the 40s .

After this exciting tour, Bodegas De Alberto offers visitors a tasting to sample some of the wines it makes and, on the occasion of the grape harvest, sets the scene with music lists created specifically for each one of them. In this way, they are associated with a specific musical genre that encourages them to get the best out of those flavors. The notes of the wine sound parallel to those of the music, so each type of wine can be linked to a specific musical genre, according to experts such as the Master of Wine Susan Lin or the study carried out by Heriot Watt University. (Edinburgh) where the correlation between the senses of taste and hearing is verified.

September Pairing

As the first proposal for pairing music and wine, Bodegas de Alberto will present its Finca Valdemoya Rosado, a calm, sophisticated and elegant wine, with floral and fruit aromas reminiscent of red fruits and rose petals, with music from the movies by Audrey Hepburn.

In the same way, a young and refreshing wine like the one from Finca Valdemoya Frizzante Verdejo, will be accompanied by the latest hits that sound at all parties, while De Alberto Ecológico, a refreshing and intense Verdejo, in which its citrus aromas stand out. and white fruit, with unique melodies by singer-songwriters who have marked an era in the history of music.

This will not be the only way to 'taste' this particular pairing experience, as visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy All you need is gold, the proposal in which De Alberto proposes to taste his Verdejo Sobre Lías, his Barrel Fermented and El Dorado, another of his fetish wines, which has not stopped accumulating recognition.

To discover what these sound pairings consist of, it is enough to enter Spotify – Bodegas De Alberto and discover the complete list.

From flamenco to rock through the Madrid scene

In the words of the CEO of the winery, Carmen San Martín, “since the worlds of wine and music are so conducive to associating good sensations, at Bodegas de Alberto we were clear about the need to link each of the wines we make to different proposals in the form of a list and which offer us a sound journey in the one in which the senses evoke unforgettable moments”.

This is what happens among lovers of the sea breeze and flamenco, to which we inevitably add the salty notes of De Alberto Pálido Verdejo. The freshness that Finca Valdemoya Frizzante offers us in the mouth leads us to listen to the pop hits of the moment, but there is also a wine and music for those who long for the 80s and that Madrid scene that will sound when tasting De Alberto Sobre Lías or De Alberto Fermentado in Barrel.

De Alberto Dorado does very well with sound 'suits' sung by great rock classics such as Queen or Rolling Stones. But if the visitor prefers other, more melodic genres, soloists such as Leonard Cohen, Edith Piaf or Frank Sinatra will also entertain some tastings that become more than just trying a wine.

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