De Alberto Dorado makes history in Perpignan

De Alberto Winery’s legendary wine will be tasted at the Second European Meeting of Oxidative Wines, a great showcase of hidden treasures.

Serrada (Valladolid), October 24, 2019. Bodegas De Alberto will participate next Monday, October 28th with his De Alberto Dorado Verdejo 100% DO Rueda in the ‘Second European Meeting of Dry Oxidative Wines’ of the Association of Dry Rancios of Roussillon , in the city of Perpignan (France), an essential event for the recognition of these historical wines, hidden treasures, in many cases on the verge of disappearance.

They are aged wines, of colors marked by oxidation ranging from amber to brown and with very special deep aromas, typical of long aging and their exposure to oxygen in boots or barrels of old wood or, in the case of De Alberto Dorado by Bodegas Hijos de Alberto Gutiérrez, in demijohns in the sun.

Four thousand demijohns, traditional glass jugs of 16 liters capacity, are used for the first part of the oxidative aging of De Alberto Dorado for twelve months outdoors. According to this traditional elaboration, maintained only by the Gutierrez family since the 40s, the wine will then be aged in solera in boots with a mother wine of more than 70 years.

Oxidative wines are generous wines with historical names, such as those made in the Marco de Jerez and Montilla Moriles, or as dried Madeira, Sicilian Marsala or very old dry white Porto.

With De Alberto Dorado, the wine heritage of the Rueda Designation of Origin is also making history. Winner of the Platinum Medal with 97 points in the last Decanter World Wine Awards 2019, Alberto Dorado has been recognized in recent years with an important prize list, among which is the Grand Gold Medal in the World Contest from Brussels, the Grand Bacchus de Oro, the Grand Gold Medal in VINESPAÑA, the 95 Peñín Guide Points or the 91 Parker Wine Advocate Points.

Seventeen wine regions from nine different countries, including France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Georgia, Hungary and Switzerland, will meet on Monday October 28 to taste these wines called “meditation”, since they are to enjoy them slowly, with the necessary time so that they can express all their complexity.

They are wines gastronomically to discover, since we are not used to eating with them. However, they perfectly accompany many types of dishes such as those made with truffles and mushrooms, with reductions of fish or meat, as well as with pickles, smoked, cut or dried cheeses, and with snacks with olives and nuts, achieving fantastic combinations of flavors.

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