The new image of Finca Valdemoya Rosado, getting closer

The new image of Finca Valdemoya Rosado, getting closer

Students from the Valladolid Superior School of Design (ESI) have visited Bodegas De Alberto, in the town of Serrada. The visit is part of the process of creating the new image of Finca Valdemoya Rosado wine, which will be developed by the third and fourth year students of the Degree in Graphic Design.  

Young people have had the opportunity to enter the historic underground cellar and feel, together with its evocative aromas, an environment that makes it unique. Likewise, they have known the exceptional 'Playa de Damajuanas', another of those resources that make Bodegas De Alberto a unique project of author viticulture.

Knowing first-hand and familiarizing themselves with the facilities where the wine whose image they are going to create is made will allow young people to get a much more precise idea of both the product that they are going to 'dress' with their designs and the extensive history of some wineries where For more than three centuries the fruit of the grape has been processed with care.

The initiative represents a firm commitment to talent, creativity and youth aimed at capturing the essence of Bodegas De Alberto and will culminate very soon with the presentation of the final designs. Bodegas De Alberto will donate 2,000 euros to the ESI Aid fund and the winning student will receive a financial prize of 700 euros to continue their studies. 

The contest to create the new image of Finca Valdemoya Rosado wine is integrated into the strategy of the School of Design to boost the capacities of its students, putting them in contact with tangible and real business projects; the best way to prepare for an imminent future job.

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