Do you have an Enotourist profile? Find out in these 6 features

The sweltering heat accompanies us these days and completely floods us, as if to make sure that we are not indifferent to the fact that we are in vacation period, in getaway time, work stoppage and relax and enjoy. Few concepts define these two concepts so well: relax and enjoy, As the Wine Tourism.

But when it comes to choosing our vacation or getaway destination, do we have it clear? Do you have a wine tourist profile?


  1. Find pleasure in the essentials.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about directing our lives, normally characterized by a dizzying rhythm and the need to carry out a thousand activities at the same time, towards greater serenity and towards enjoying the present moment. Thus, mindfulness or slow living theories are helping us learn to enjoy life more and leave anxiety behind.

Wine tourism is that, finding pleasure in the essentials. The pleasures of the minimum can fill us fully in a moment. Enjoy a glass of wine in a quiet environment, where time stands still and silence and a few birds are our only companion. Concentrating on its flavors, aromas and colors, appreciating every detail and, for a while, not thinking about anything else. Enjoying can be something simple and wonderful.


  1. Be a joy

To be a wine tourist it is necessary that you like to enjoy yourself, that you recreate yourself in enjoyment and, of course, that you like to eat. Gastronomy is one of the strengths of our destination, in the Rueda Wine Route, in the center of Castilla y León, and it is always accompanied by the best wine, which is none other than the one you like best. And, by the way, at Bodegas De Alberto we have it 


  1. Being in contact with nature.

Our winery is located in a privileged place in the heart of the Denomination of Origin Rueda. Our vineyards are in the central area of Spain, crossed by the Duero River, and internationally recognized as one of the best in the world for wine production. This is an exceptional landscape and enjoying it, contemplating the fields from the road or walking through the vineyards, gives us a contact with nature that always feels very, very good.


  1. Be a seeker of the authentic.

Only by appreciating the genuine can you be a true wine tourist. Many times wine is related to art due to its creative component and it is not wrong. Each wine is unique and different from the others. In addition, when it is made with love and the know-how of several generations and the traditions of a place are imprinted on it, a very special wine can be made. For us, this wine is the Golden De Alberto, the only dorado from the DO Rueda that has maintained its production since its birth in the 40s, strictly adhering to the traditional methodology: with an oxidative aging in demijohns in the open air and in large casks with a mother wine of over 70 years. You have to try it.


  1. You like to surprise yourself.

Someone once said that there is always learning in surprise. Well, in wine tourism there is always a surprise. If you like to be surprised, try new things and, incidentally, learn, you will really enjoy a visit to our winery. You will learn the history of the Dominican monks who began to make wine in the underground cellars of the 17th century Monastery of Saint Paul that are still used and visited today, and you will tour the 'demijohn beach', which with more than eight thousand carafes in the sun, reveals the secrets of our De Alberto Dorado.


  1. A thousand different plans.

Whatever your plan, as a couple, with friends, as a family or with children, Wine Tourism admits them all. It may be the perfect plan to get lost as a couple, to do a different activity with friends or to go with the family or with the little ones, who will surely discover a new experience, and whom we will be delighted to also adapt our visit specifically for them.


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