Bodegas De Alberto raises 1,500 euros for research into childhood cancer

  • Today, International Childhood Cancer Day, the NGO "El Sueño de Vicky" has received what it has achieved thanks to the solidarity wine tourism initiative "Sueños Dorados" launched by the centennial Serrada winery.
  • The proceeds will be devoted entirely to research on childhood cancer and to improve current treatments.

Dreams come true and, even more so, if they are golden: Bodegas De Alberto has managed to raise a total of 1,500 euros with its “Sueños Dorados” solidarity wine tourism initiative, in collaboration with the El Sueño de Vicky Foundation, aimed at financing research projects against childhood cancer.  

With this campaign, Bodegas De Alberto has donated 10% of the amount of the visits received during the months of September to December, as part of the commitment it maintains with different causes that promote social welfare, now allying itself with the El Sueño de Vicky Foundation in its tireless struggle to find the specific treatment that will end up eradicating childhood cancer. 

Today, February 15, International Childhood Cancer Day, the NGO has received the collection obtained. Alexandra Sannwald, general director of the Foundation, has shown her gratitude to Carmen San Martín, CEO of Bodegas De Alberto, who has expressed the intention of continuing to collaborate with the foundation with this and other initiatives that can keep alive the link now established between the NGO and the winery. For his part, San Martín has shown his satisfaction for the reception of the campaign and for having managed to make this delivery coincide with a date that seeks to raise awareness about this disease and encourage its investigation, because "this is how we do our bit when it comes to making visible this day, very important for all children and adolescents who suffer from the disease. We want not only to support them but also to gain supporters so that the whole world knows the projects, associations and foundations that dedicate their efforts, every day, to this cause”.  

This is the case of El sueño de Vicky, a foundation that began its struggle in 2016 and seeks to finance research projects against childhood cancer and improve current treatments. A dream that would not have come true without those who join this great initiative, as has been the case with Bodegas de Alberto. 

About Vicky's Dream Foundation 

El Sueño de Vicky was born in 2016 with the mission of defeating childhood cancer through research. Its objective is to make society aware of the problem of this disease and of the importance of research in order to defeat it, since without it there is no cure. 

To raise funds, they carry out the following initiatives: organization of events; Online store; solidarity gifts for special celebrations; sporting and cultural solidarity events, breakfasts and afterworks; donations... It also offers multiple possibilities for companies that are interested to help them continue advancing in the fight against childhood cancer.  

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