Five sommelier traits in you

De Alberto Dorado and De Alberto Ecológico Verdejo 100% DO Rueda, awarded Bronze at the Sommelier Wine Awards in Japan and special recommendation from the jury

We are very happy these days because we have just been awarded the Bronze medal in Japan, for Golden De Alberto, and a special recommendation from the jury, to From Alberto Ecológico Verdejo 100%, at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2020. But what makes us trust so much in the opinion of a sommelier?

As in everything, the first thing is professionalism. If it is a good professional, we have the feeling that we should indeed trust his advice. This is a person with a high degree of specialty, acquired after specific training and, in many cases, with official international recognition. However, is this what is really decisive for a sommelier to make us float with emotion when a wine enters our mouth and surprises us, amazes us and makes us dream?

Surely, more factors come into play here. Below we have selected five. Discover five sommelier traits that are also in you:


Tasting is tasting with someone. Without company you can not make this trip. Sharing the experience of enjoying that wine, discovering what it is like, what personality it has and comparing opinions with others, is the only way to reveal its secrets. And it is that generosity of sharing everything we are feeling, without bias or hindrance, that will make us learn and take full advantage of this wonderful experience.


The challenge of discovering what a wine expresses and sometimes even deciphering its hidden secrets (because make no mistake, sometimes it is not that easy) is for curious people. People wanting to know, to know a little more with a single purpose: enjoy even more.

The memory

There are experiences that leave such an impact on us that they are recorded in our memory without making any effort on our part. Some wines are like that. However, we could say that exercising your memory is a good thing to taste. In fact, thanks to this exercise, we, as well as the sommeliers, can greatly develop our aroma and flavor identification skills. The olfactory thresholds of the general population are very similar, but what can really make the difference when tasting is the attention we pay to remember what a wine is making us feel, and recognize those sensations when tasting again in the future.


Call it hedonism, being a joy or whatever you prefer. We know that the enjoy life as the essence of who we are is important for you. A wine lover is a lover of life. Having this sensibility makes us enjoy ourselves when we have to choose the restaurant or bar to go with the group of friends and we don't want to go “anywhere”, or when we try a wine and look at that person with bulging eyes. another enjoyment because we are amazed at what we feel and we want to share it.


The humility of knowing that we know nothing, that there is a whole world to taste and that what we know is just a drop in the ocean. However, the fact that we still have so much to discover is lucky because we still have a lot to surprise us with. Let's keep tasting. let's keep dreaming.


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