The Frizzante, new summer accessory

With the arrival of summer our first thought is to change our seasonal clothes. However, our body asks for something else, a change in our diet. During the summer season our diet is lighter, salads, fish and shellfish are some of the most common examples of summer menus. These dishes invite preparations endowed with greater freshness, soft, fruity and above all with less alcohol sensation to accompany them.

The most common bet is the Verdejos and the entire range of whites. However, more and more the protagonist of the summer is the Frizzante wine. In our wineries we have two varieties:

  1. Valdemoya Frizzante Verdejo Estate: It is made with grapes of the Verdejo variety, a native variety of the DO Rueda.  It is a fresh, structured and fruity wine that is easy to drink and perfect for sharing. It has a characteristic straw yellow color with greenish rims, fruity notes are perceived on the nose, very fresh. In the mouth it is explosive thanks to the natural carbonic acid.
  2. Finca Valdemoya Frizzante Tempranillo: It is made with the Tempranillo 100% grape variety. Wine from the Land of Castilla y León. It has a distinguished and elegant raspberry red color. On the nose its fruity notes, strawberry and gummy can be appreciated, and it is also very cool. Sparkling on the palate, its soft sweetness is tasted, which makes it very pleasant and very easy to consume.

This new variety is included in semi-sparkling wines, with fine bubbles, sweet and with a low alcohol content (approximately around 5%). They are very innovative, original and refreshing wines, which have been widely accepted in the market, especially among young people and those unfamiliar with the world of wine.




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