deAlberto celebrates Earth Day

Today, April 22, we join the celebration of 'Earth Day'. Promoted by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, this trust was established to create a common awareness worldwide about the problems of overpopulation, pollution and the need to conserve biodiversity to protect the earth. One […]

deAlberto conquer Dutch palates

The Bodegas Hijos de Alberto Gutiérrez continue to bet on the European market to publicize their wines. On February 24, he moved to Amsterdam to publicize the new 2013 vintage of our Alberto Verdejo. During the conferences held at the Hotel Casa 400, a tasting was held in collaboration with the […]

From Alberto Verdejo, guest at the Prowein 2013 fair

Spanish wines have demonstrated their weight in the international wine sector with the presence of 159 companies in the official Spanish pavilion, 48 wineries from Castilla y León and specifically 8 from Valladolid at the Prowein 2013 fair. The German fair is considered one of the most representative events at European level […]