Acevin recognizes Bodegas De Alberto as the Best Wine Tourism Corner of the Year

The Wine Tourism Awards have given priority to the singular and unique landscape offered by the more than 7,000 demijohns of the Dorado wine

The Spanish Association of Wine Cities (Acevin) has recognized Bodegas de Alberto as the Best Wine Tourism Corner of the Year "for the singularity of a unique space that houses more than 7,000 demijohns that create a dreamlike and tremendously attractive picture and for the acceptance and surprise that it supposes for the visitors of the winery». In addition, they highlight the maintenance of a tradition such as that of the production of golden wine, a link between antiquity and modernity, especially during 2022, declared the International Year of Glass and for the possibility it offers to approach aspects little known in the world. Of the wine.

The Rutas del Vino de España Wine Tourism Awards, held biennially, represent a recognition of the work and effort in the development of the quality wine tourism offer by the hundreds of companies integrated into Rutas del Vino de España and in this VI Edition, a total of 93 proposals have been presented in 14 categories. The award ceremony for these awards will be on November 17 at the Auditorium of the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid.

Bodegas de Alberto is currently the only traditional producer of Dorado de Rueda, under the exclusive method of oxidative aging in demijohns exposed to the minimum sun for 12 months and subsequent aging in soleras, preserving the mother for more than 80 years.

glass containers

The demijohns are greenish glass containers, have a capacity of 16 liters and are all filled with approximately 12 liters. This is how the oxidative aging of the Dorado wine begins, a light show that changes depending on the day and the time of year. More than 7,000 demijohns give color to this wine tourism corner that you can only enjoy in this winery.

The wine tourism proposal of Bodegas De Alberto has already received another recognition this year. Last March, it won the third Best Wine Tourism Project at the 2021 Verema Awards «for the originality of its visits Inhabited Memory and All You Need Is Gold, which include two proposals highly valued by the visiting public: the underground cellars of the Dominican monastery of The 17th century and the singularity of the production of De Alberto Dorado wine, oxidized in demijohns under the sun and aged in solera barrels over 80 years old». In the words of Carmen San Martín, CEO of the winery, "these awards encourage us to continue working to preserve our family's legacy."

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