Bodegas De Alberto trusts ESI to redesign the image of one of its wines

The third and fourth year students of the Degree in Graphic Design from the Valladolid school will participate in a contest in which the winning student will receive a financial prize of 700 euros to continue their studies

The Superior School of Design of Valladolid has been chosen by the wine group De Alberto Wineries to design the new image of your wine Valdemoya Rosé Estate through a contest between the students of the third and fourth year of the Degree in Graphic Design.

The contest represents a commitment to talent, creativity and youth and aims to capture the essence of Bodegas De Alberto in its design and represent its 350 years of history.

'Briefing' to the students

The project has started with the presentation of the briefing to the students at the ESI facilities by Carmen San Martín Gutiérrez, CEO of Bodegas De Alberto, who was accompanied by Marcos Fernández, commercial delegate of Verallia, a global company that designs, manufactures and recycles glass containers.

During that presentation, the CEO of Bodegas De Alberto assured that she was “excited to collaborate with ESI and to be able to rely on the talents of their students to develop the new image of our rosé wine Valdemoya Estate. Having Verallia's extensive experience is a great support for us. We hope that it will be a good opportunity for them to learn about the real problems that arise when adapting a design”.

Student visit to the winery

The process of creating the new design will continue with a visit by the students to the winery, located in Serrada, at the end of the month and with the design itself of the new image of Valdemoya Rosé Estate.

The ESI Higher School of Design will integrate this project into the ESI Business Plan, within its strategy to promote the talent of students by carrying out real projects in the classroom, the best way to prepare for a professional future.

Bodegas De Alberto will donate 2,000 euros to the ESI Aid fund and the winning student will receive a financial prize of 700 euros to continue their studies.

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