A tourism beyond the 5 senses

The wind touching our skin, the smell of wet earth, landscapes that seem to be taken from a story, the song of the birds at dawn and the fruity flavor of a good wine on our palate, are just some of the most pleasant sensations that it gives us. wine tourism.

Visiting the Hijos de Alberto Gutiérrez winery not only becomes an interesting getaway, but also a sensitive experience. The nuances of the land, the culture and history of the winery merge with the visitor to make them disconnect from their routine, let their emotions fly and open their minds to what is to be discovered.

Walking between walls with hundreds of years and hundreds of stories awakens in the guest emotions that remind them of past moments or even awaken their imagination creating new stories. The passageways of the underground cellarBodega_subterranea_dealbertoea intensify the perception of the senses of the tourist. The wines rest in them and the most valuable secrets of their production and conservation are kept. The humidity of the walls, the low temperature, the acoustics, the smell of wine in their vats, the details of the construction and its dim light make wine tourists the protagonists of our guide's stories. 'It's like a trip back in time' 'Just thinking that the same Dominican Friars were already walking through these same corridors hundreds of years ago, I shudder' are some of the testimonials that our visitors have left.

At the end of the visit, while the wine tasting is carried out together with the group or individually, the smells, tastes and sensations are intensified when the liquid comes into contact with our 5 senses. Many of them have found that they need to be silent for a few seconds to savor the moment and all its nuances. The magic of wine tourism lies in the fact that each person lives and feels it differently, even visiting the same winery several times, each route will be unique. And without a doubt, the feeling you will feel when you try one of our wines again will not be the same. You will discover why wine tourism is classified as an 'extrasensory experience'.

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