In Bodegas De Alberto we invite you to eat

This year, on the occasion of the celebration of the European Wine Tourism Day, we want to highlight the gastronomic profile of this experience and surprise you with the world of sensations that wine opens up for us. Place an order at De Alberto's online store between October 9 and November 9 and you will enter the […]

He came to fight tooth decay

According to the latest studies from the Research Institute of the Autonomous University of Madrid, published in the "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry", two glasses of red wine a day directly attack the bacteria in the mouth and prevent tooth decay. Dr. Gómez Oliver affirms that “wine contains polyphenols, natural antioxidants that […]

A combination of GOLD

The Teatro Calderón hosted the prize-giving gala for the XVI Valladolid provincial tapas contest, which enthroned Villa Paramesa Tapas as the winner, who with 'K1' took the Golden Pincho. Second place went to 'Boquiabierto de jamón ', from the Llantén restaurant. The Bronze Skewer was awarded to […]

Chicken croquettes and ‘ golden ‘ apple

A new delivery of the 'gourmetmania' arrives. Today, we are going to cook an easy starter that will not leave any guest indifferent. 'Golden' apple and chicken croquettes The amounts are designed to serve 6 servings. In 20 minutes you will have the mixture ready and in 10 you will be able to enjoy it! Shall we start? Ingredients: 150g of breast […]

How does wine affect our health?

Everyone knows that excess products containing a percentage of alcohol are harmful to health. However, in the case of wine the rule does not apply strictly the same. After several studies carried out by the health and nutrition sector, it has been confirmed that wine has healthy properties and […]

Gold and Silver in Bacchus 2013

achieved. As we proposed at the beginning of the year, we are once again among the winners of the great international wine event Los Bacchus 2013. With its characteristic salmon-pink color in which a large amount of fruit with hints of strawberry predominates, our Finca wine Valdemoya Rosado 2o12 has achieved the Bacchus de Oro. […]

Wineries 3.0

Wineries, like any other brand, have to be on the Internet. For some time now, this sector was already taking its first steps online with shy websites that they used to display the catalog or to publicize something about their history. Today, the internet has become a perfect showcase, not only to give […]

Enofusión, the first gastronomic event of the year.

Last week we attended the first gastronomic event of the season, 'Madrid Fusión'. As you may have read in various media, more than 10,000 visitors attended, 600 accredited media, 190 cooks and assistants, 500 congressmen and one hundred exhibitors, an unavoidable event for all of us who are dedicated to the world of gastronomy. In Enofusion, […]

Fate, Great Gold Bacchus 2013

The Bacchus International Wine Competition already has dates for 2013. Madrid will once again become the world capital of wine. It will be from March 15 to 19 when hundreds of wines will meet competing for the best prizes and international recognition. The awards are of vital importance for […]

A flavored Award 2012

January is a month of balance sheets and it is also the time to sit down and reflect on the goals we want to achieve in the new year. At the moment we are satisfied with the good reception we have had of our wines both in national and international competitions and above all and most importantly the reception of […]