Bodegas De Alberto on Spotify

Bodegas De Alberto has just launched a new profile on Spotify Aware of the importance of pairing wine and music, we have designed a list to accompany the tasting of each wine based on what they suggest. Musical genres such as rock, jazz, classical music... encourage us to get the best out of those […]

From Alberto Verdejo, guest at the Prowein 2013 fair

Spanish wines have demonstrated their weight in the international wine sector with the presence of 159 companies in the official Spanish pavilion, 48 wineries from Castilla y León and specifically 8 from Valladolid at the Prowein 2013 fair. The German fair is considered one of the most representative events at European level […]

Gold and Silver in Bacchus 2013

achieved. As we proposed at the beginning of the year, we are once again among the winners of the great international wine event Los Bacchus 2013. With its characteristic salmon-pink color in which a large amount of fruit with hints of strawberry predominates, our Finca wine Valdemoya Rosado 2o12 has achieved the Bacchus de Oro. […]

Wineries 3.0

Wineries, like any other brand, have to be on the Internet. For some time now, this sector was already taking its first steps online with shy websites that they used to display the catalog or to publicize something about their history. Today, the internet has become a perfect showcase, not only to give […]

Enofusión, the first gastronomic event of the year.

Last week we attended the first gastronomic event of the season, 'Madrid Fusión'. As you may have read in various media, more than 10,000 visitors attended, 600 accredited media, 190 cooks and assistants, 500 congressmen and one hundred exhibitors, an unavoidable event for all of us who are dedicated to the world of gastronomy. In Enofusion, […]

Fate, Great Gold Bacchus 2013

The Bacchus International Wine Competition already has dates for 2013. Madrid will once again become the world capital of wine. It will be from March 15 to 19 when hundreds of wines will meet competing for the best prizes and international recognition. The awards are of vital importance for […]

A tourism beyond the 5 senses

The wind touching our skin, the smell of wet earth, landscapes that seem to be taken from a story, the song of the birds at dawn and the fruity flavor of a good wine on our palate, are just some of the most pleasant sensations that it gives us. wine tourism. Visit the Bodegas Hijos de Alberto Gutiérrez, […]

Toast, origin and tradition.

After the tradition of the 12 grapes, one of the most significant gestures in Christmas celebrations is the Toast. Wishes and celebrations are attributed to him. There are many versions that explain the birth of this emotional gesture in meetings. Some of them place them in the times of the Greeks, […]

Gastronomy made in Serrada

Serrada's gastronomy is typical of Castilla. Among its outstanding products are specimens such as suckling lamb and suckling pig roasted in a wood-fired oven, dishes from game such as hares, rabbits, quails that are presented either stewed or stewed. The handmade sheep cheese is also known, but Serrada […]