How does wine affect our health?

Everyone knows that excess products containing a percentage of alcohol are harmful to health. However, in the case of wine the rule does not apply strictly the same. After several studies carried out by the health and nutrition sector, it has been confirmed that wine has healthy properties and its moderate consumption can provide health benefits.

Some of these components are antioxidants, specifically they are called polyphenols. Research indicates that polyphenols may have antioxidant capacity with potential health benefits. They could reduce the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The different studies that have been carried out in recent years have shown the beneficial effect of moderate consumption of red wine.

Now that "operation summer" is approaching, most diets eliminate all kinds of spirits, however, they recommend that to avoid the anxiety of the word "Prohibition" when you go out for a drink with friends, you can have up to two glasses of red wine without altering the results of the regimen.

How does wine react to diseases?

In the case of cardiovascular diseases, titno wine components such as flavonoids, due to their antioxidant properties, taken in moderation, exert a protective effect against diseases of this type. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consume a glass of red wine a day. In those that are tumor-like, resveratrol has an in vitro tumoricidal effect, that is, it is capable of inhibiting the growth of tumor cells. This "in vitro" activity has been described in breast, prostate and leukemia tumors. A recent study has shown the protective role of consuming one or two glasses of red wine a day against lung cancer in smokers.

It should be noted that these described effects have been seen with red wine and with its moderate consumption (one or two glasses a day). It is considered that 40 grams of alcohol per day (1/2 liter) for men and 20 grams (1/4 liter) for women are amounts that the body can metabolize. However, the level of toxicity for alcohol depends on different factors; the age of the person, their body complexion, their state of health or whether or not they have consumed food together with the alcoholic beverage. For this reason, since wine not only has beneficial substances, people used to drinking wine should know that it is not healthy to drink more than two glasses a day (125 cc each glass). Taking more is doing more harm than good.

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