deAlberto celebrates Earth Day

Today, April 22, we join the celebration of 'Earth Day'. Promoted by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, this trust was established to create a common awareness worldwide about the problems of overpopulation, pollution and the need to conserve biodiversity to protect the earth. One […]

Wineries 3.0

Wineries, like any other brand, have to be on the Internet. For some time now, this sector was already taking its first steps online with shy websites that they used to display the catalog or to publicize something about their history. Today, the internet has become a perfect showcase, not only to give […]

Wines with History

Bodegas Hijos de Alberto Gutiérrez is the story of a living company with a heart, dedicated for 350 years to producing wines with an unmistakable personality. Located in Serrada, Valladolid, the winery is on the Ruta de Isabel la Católica. Heir to a tradition of more than three centuries, as stated in the […]

Toast, origin and tradition.

After the tradition of the 12 grapes, one of the most significant gestures in Christmas celebrations is the Toast. Wishes and celebrations are attributed to him. There are many versions that explain the birth of this emotional gesture in meetings. Some of them place them in the times of the Greeks, […]

Gastronomy made in Serrada

Serrada's gastronomy is typical of Castilla. Among its outstanding products are specimens such as suckling lamb and suckling pig roasted in a wood-fired oven, dishes from game such as hares, rabbits, quails that are presented either stewed or stewed. The handmade sheep cheese is also known, but Serrada […]