Wineries 3.0

Wineries, like any other brand, have to be on the Internet. For some time now, this sector was already taking its first steps online with shy websites that they used to display the catalog or to publicize something about their history.

Today, the Internet has become a perfect showcase, not only to publicize the product, but to transmit brand values, listen to the experiences and the demand of consumers. The integration of new technologies in traditional companies has meant a real revolution, not only in terms of administration but also in the way of relating to the final consumer. For our target audience to remember us when relating 'Wine' to a brand, we will have to give them something of value. Today content is the best weapon we have. Making known the process of making the broths, prizes, history or curiosities is information that can be useful and interesting for the user and that will report a positive image to our brand.

The point of origin of the strategy in the network is our website. This CWith its design and its contents, it must convey who we are and why they should choose us. It must be pleasant, with easy and intuitive navigation since what we want is for our visitors to enjoy the experience. On the other hand, communication in social networks It will allow us to humanize the brand, use it as a speaker for our content and above all to create a link and direct communication with all the agents that interact with us.

De Alberto's Wine Club

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