Gastronomy made in Serrada

The gastronomy of Serrada It is typical of Castilla. Among its outstanding products are specimens such as suckling lamb and suckling pig roasted in a wood-fired oven, dishes from game such as hares, rabbits, quails that are presented either stewed or stewed. The handmade sheep cheese is also known, but Serrada has a dish that is part of the culture and history of the inhabitants of our town, rice "Bonus”.

He "Bonus” is a dish that the fifth and their relatives taste on Three Kings Day, but the celebration has its own history. 'The fifths' was, and still is, a typical Fiesta in most of the towns in Spain, in which each one had its own peculiarities. The so-called 'fifths' were those boys who would come of age that same year. Both the military and the fifths were always part of what was called 'becoming a man and complying with the Homeland'. The party was exclusively masculine, however, by losing the link with the military, currently the female gender participates in it.

To hit the pairing of the rice, you have to look at the ingredients that accompany them and define the dish. These will make us opt for one type of wine or another. A meat rice is not the same as a fish and/or seafood rice. In addition, we must take into account if it is a brothy, sweet or dry rice. It must be said that generally rosé wines and young reds, as with pasta dishes, tend to go well with all kinds of rice dishes. In this case, wines like Finca Valdemoya, a Tempranillo noted for its color and fruity flavor, become a perfect accompaniment to our typical 'arroz de 'Bonus'.

For the new generations or those who like dishes with history, we leave you the recipe so that you can taste it whenever you want:

Rice Bonus

Ingredients for 4 people
360 g bomba rice,

1 potato, 1 orange,

1 hard-boiled egg,

4 olives,

2 piquillo peppers,

2 units chorizo,

150g bacon,

150 g pork ribs,

50 g homemade fried tomato,

1 l meat broth,

1 chilli,

salt, paprika, and olive oil.
1. Brown the ribs, the bacon and the chorizo in pieces.
2. Add the rice and the diced and poached potatoes.
3. Deglaze with the fried tomato and add the broth, chilli and paprika.
5. Salt and boil for 8 min. Put the rice in the oven previously heated to 190ºC.
Decorate with the olives, the piquillo pepper, the orange and the hard-boiled egg in segments.

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